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Traditional etiquette says registry info is not listed on invitations. Attitudes have relaxed, and it is now common to include if you like. There are a few compromises: Use a separate enclosure just for registries; Or, only list your website so guests may find your registries on their own.

  Do You Have Wording In Mind?  

There are many options for wording from traditional to contemporary. If you know what you want your invitation to say, please enter it here. If not or if you have questions, we can help!

  Ordering Printed Envelope Addressing?  

NOTE: Guest addresses will be handled later in the process. Completed guest list must be sent to Perfetta at least 4 weeks prior to invitation mailing date. Thanks!


  Design Concept  

It's ok if you aren't sure what you want your invitations to look like! We have a collaborative design process and can help you decide on a style. If you do have specific ideas, please describe here. It's also helpful to list your color palette, theme, wedding party attire, floral look, the overall feeling you'd like to accomplish for your day, and anything else you want to share. We will discuss more at your consultation!

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